Therapeutic Journeys

Therapeutic journeys I embark on with clients are varying in nature and mostly involve conversations with individuals, couples and young adults over the age of 18 who are seeking help with emotional and interpersonal challenges. This includes the following: -

  • Adjustment Difficulties: After divorce; bereavement and other losses; retrenchment; living with HIV/Aids
  • Relationship Challenges: couple counselling; premarital counselling; divorce counselling, physical, emotional & sexual abuse in relationships; gay relationship challenges; sexual difficulties
  • Trauma debriefing: Victims of violent crimes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety Tendencies: Post Traumatic Stress (PTS); Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD); Generalized Anxiety (GAD) & Panic
  • Adult ADHD
  • Addiction Challenges: Alcohol; drugs; pornography, gambling
  • Personal Development and Growth: Burnout, stress & anger management

I have given talks on various topics but with special interest in relationship challenges and sexual concerns troubling relationship growth. I have also given radio interviews and am often asked by popular magazines to give an expert opinion on relationship issues, amongst others.

My story

I love people, and the person that I am is no different from the psychologist in me. I strongly believe in people’s ability to step away from problem-saturated and oppressive stories to discover the “untold” story which includes their preferred way of living. I therefore feel privileged to be a witness to the stories my clients share about themselves, and to how these stories are shaping their lives. I create an opportunity within a trusted and safe environment for them to re-author their lives and relationships according to alternative stories that have preferred outcomes.

I started my private practice in 1989 when my firstborn was about 7 months old and my husband arrived home one day with a pack of business cards which he had printed as a surprise for me. The clear message was that I’d better start working to secure everybody’s sanity. He knew that I thrive on stimulation and challenge and needed to make a contribution and add value to more people’s lives than just those of my immediate family and friends. After 27 years experience in private practice, a sustained and loving relationship of 34 years with my husband and with two well adapted young adult children (27 and 24), the decision to work has clearly been the right one!

I obtained my Masters degree in Counselling Psychology with distinction at the University of Stellenbosch in 1987. I worked in an academic setting for a few months whilst expecting our firstborn, and have since then been running a private practice from my home in the northern suburbs of Cape Town.

Contact Information

Tel: 021 976 4764
Fax: 086 583 9286

PO Box 4062
Old Oak 7537
Western Cape, South Africa

11 Somer Street
Eversdal, Durbanville 7550
Western Cape, South Africa

My practice is contracted in and fees are charged in accordance with approved fees, which are underwritten by most Medical Aid funds. Discount will be granted for payments that are made in full and immediately after each consultation.